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This is a notification letter I received in the US Mail on 8 Nov. 2010. It alludes to a $2.5 million prize, however, it does so in very convoluted language. While it is difficult to understand, it only implies that I have won anything. It requires a very good understanding of the English language, and a very close examination of the wording, but in the end it does not quite say that I have won... Read more

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they are ripping people off, they called me wanting to get my debit info and they sent me a paper stating i had won money and was wanting 20 dollars from me and just kept pushing and pushing and i think everyone should know that they are just scamming people out of their money and they should be arrested or something done to them for taking older peoples money and then not sending them nothing in... Read more

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I rec'd a letter saying I had won a big prize & they wanted $20 process fee..for a prize of $2,500,000. They did not say who was awarding the prize, but said they represent many sweepstakes companies. I am reporting it to NY Attorney General & want all who rec'd the same letter, to do the same. That is where the letter was from. It is time these thieves are put away, behind bars. If they send... Read more

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July 9, 2010 I got my document for this company but I decided to check it out on the Internet beacuase I was previously scammed by a company in Canada for $2350 dollars. Thank goodness there are people who have complained about these scammers I did not *** at this scam again this was you have won $2.5 Million dollars and all you have to give to get it is send $20. Infact I got 2 in one day I will... Read more

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Once again with in a two week period I've gotten another scam letter this one from the International Award Advisory P.O. Box 8050 Huntington Station, New York 11746-9050 This one claims that they have $2.5 Mil. for me but I must send 20.00 to pay Processing fee. These people know times are tuff all over and play to the desire to win something big. If only a small percentage of the people... Read more

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